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About Me


My softball team, the Mixed Nuts.

Hello everyone and thanks for visiting my website. Feel free to submit any comments through the contact form or you can email me directly through the icon below my picture on the left menu.

My name is Yves Robichaud. I currently work for the Government of Canada at the Government of Canada Pension Centre in Shediac, New Brunswick, Canada. I’m an avid reader and enjoy doing reviews of books especially in the middle grade or young adult fantasy genres. Don’t be shy to ask for a review, but expect an honest, unbiased review. I also enjoy reviewing movies and TV series and will be doing some of those. My other hobbies include jogging, playing softball, going to the gym, playing video games (my current addiction is HearthStone) and watching my Montreal Canadiens.

My softball swing.

I’m a proud father of one. My son Jérémy is now studying computer science at UNB in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. And boy do I miss him. I also spend lots of time with my girlfriend Beatrice Mackenzie and her family.

I originally wrote Kaylen’s Rising in 2012 for my son then self-published it in 2013. After some hard work and lots of marketing, I managed to sell more than a few copies and was approached by a publisher to sign a three book deal. The publisher wanted a new cover for the book and wanted to make some small additions to the story. Unfortunately, the publisher went bankrupt and I never did publish with them. A second edition of Kaylen’s Rising was published in 2015 with the new cover and slight changes. I still get requests for a sequel and you never know, one day it may happen.

My son Jérémy.
Beatrice and I.